UPCOMING COURSE: Mental Health Nutrition: Foundations 

Course Dates: Five Mondays beginning January 10 and ending February 7, 2022

Time: 6:00pm – 7.30pm MST

Investment: $600

Location: Online (Zoom)

Calling all:

  • Conscientious, natural-health-minded therapists who truly want the best for their clients
  • Nutritionists who desire to delve into specific supplement and diet approaches for mental health
  • Concerned parents who want to make sure their growing kids are getting exactly what their brains need to become happy, healthy adults
  • Coaches who know the value of holistic approaches – and that sometimes simply talking isn’t enough

You love to help others and care deeply about your family, friends, community, clients. But sometimes, despite your best attempts, the people in your world remain mired in depression or anxiety, or continue to struggle with insomnia or substance cravings. At that point you suspect a biochemical rather than emotional cause, and refer them to a great psychiatrist who you trust, but you’d really like to have other options. You may not even resonate with the idea of “band-aiding” symptoms with a pill rather than identifying and treating the root cause, but you don’t know what else to do. You’re curious about natural / holistic methods of healing, but your knowledge of these is limited to articles you’ve read here and there on St. John’s Wort or how inflammation is connected to mood. You’re busy and not necessarily a “science person”, so the thought of seeking out and studying this information may never have even crossed your mind.

Until now.

Mental Health Nutrition is the art and science of using supplements and nutrition to stabilize biochemistry and reduce or eliminate mental health symptoms, including depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD, ADHD, OCD, bipolar, substance cravings, and more. My upcoming online five week course, Mental Health Nutrition: Foundations, is a simple, non-intimidating, and highly effective approach to stabilizing biochemistry using nutrition and supplements (and no, it’s not about eating more salads!). While mental health nutrition can be an infinitely complex topic, this course will cover the ground-level basics – perfect for the busy individual who wants to learn the basic interventions that also provide massive bang for your buck. Having provided mental health nutrition for nearly 300 clients over the years, I can say that this process is highly rewarding both to facilitate and observe – while change in therapy can take months or years, someone’s biochemistry can shift dramatically in a matter of minutes. Whether you’ll put your new knowledge to use creating information-rich and user-friendly talks, workshops, and handouts for your community, helping to heal your daughter’s anxiety and your partner’s insomnia via supplements and blood sugar stabilization, or teaching clients how to stabilize their biochemistry and achieve rapid symptom relief, this brief course will give you potent tools for helping those in your world to feel better quickly and naturally.

The first hour of each class is dedicated to lecture, while the final 30 minutes will allow for discussion, Q&A, and mini case studies. 

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Course Curriculum

CLASS 1: Why Mental Health Nutrition?

We’ll explore how the modernization of our culture has led to an increase in mental health problems, with a focus on how the Standard American Diet negatively impacts our food supply and our gut function.

CLASS 2: Digestion Basics

The gut is the gateway to health, and you are what you absorb! Learn about the deep and multifaceted connection between digestive function and mental health. Discover how to assess your clients’ gut function, and learn simple interventions to heal and support the digestive system.

CLASS 3: Problems with Modern Nutrition

Experience a deep dive into how our modern food supply and way of eating contributes to depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD, autism, bipolar, schizophrenia, and more. 

CLASS 4: Nutrition Basics & How to Eat

We’ll sift through all of the conflicting and confusing “nutrition noise” out there, and identify a simple and sustainable “food philosophy” that regulates our biochemistry and makes room for one’s own intuition. We’ll cover the basics like macronutrients, micronutrients, the crucial connection between blood sugar and mood, and how specific nutrient depletion can cause mental health problems.

CLASS 5: Specific Neurotransmitter Support

While healing the gut and eating plenty of real food go a long way towards stabilizing biochemistry, sometimes our clients are so depleted that they require more concentrated nutrition in the form of supplements in order to increase their neurotransmitter production. Did you know that you can do this naturally – no meds needed? Our final class is an introduction to supporting serotonin, GABA, catecholamines and endorphins using supplements only.