I don’t want you to just manage your food and body issues.

I want you to heal them.

I don’t care if you’ve struggled with an eating disorder for years, been in therapy for decades, or been hospitalized multiple times without improving.

You might not even have an eating disorder — you just know “something’s up” with you and food.

If conventional treatments haven’t worked for you, don’t despair.

I’ve worked with many “refugees” from the conventional eating disorder (ED) treatment world who spent years trying to “manage” their behaviors, distract themselves, or think their way out of food and body issues.

These coping mechanisms are well-intentioned, but they never get to the heart of the issue. 

There’s a whole deeper realm of healing available to you.

Whether you’re struggling with:

  • Bulimia
  • Binge eating
  • Anorexia
  • Addiction
  • Body image issues

… One thing’s for sure: you can’t change your relationship to food through the mind alone. You need to get in touch with your body and emotions.

And that macho, aggro, “just stop doing it” approach? Doesn’t work, either. Because when we fight against a part of ourselves … we always lose.

There’s another far more effective approach. With tons of side benefits. Like finally accepting yourself. (You know…little details like that).

I can teach you how to shift your whole orientation to food and your body: an embodied, felt-sense way to collaborate with all your parts. That means you can slow down, come home to your body, and go beyond thinking about your emotions and coping mechanisms … and actually feel them and heal them.

Stop trying to control your behavior. And change your life. 

It’s my goal to help you heal your relationship to food and your body — but ultimately you have the potential to find way more than that. You’ll learn a whole new way of being in the world … and with yourself. THIS is what can help you actually heal food and body issues, instead of just managing them.

I’ll teach you embodied, intuitive, emotional skills that won’t just change your eating behaviors, but can help you:

  • Understand your own power and strength
  • Work gracefully with your emotions (instead of being consumed by them)
  • Feel stable and balanced (instead of frenzied and depressed)
  • Access true kindness, gentleness, and courage.

I won’t sugar-coat it … or even stevia-coat it for ya. 

Yes, you’ll need to step into some old trauma and pain, to get there. Because food and body issues aren’t just about nutrition. They’re about your emotional experience, your relationship to yourself, and how you calibrate your power.

But if you’re ready and willing? You really can feel liberated, empowered, and in charge of your own healing process. And I’d be honored to help you.

Contact me for a free, 30-minute phone chat.

We’ll see if we’re a good fit and how best to begin.