You deserve better than “normal.”

It’s “normal,” these days, to wake up exhausted, drag yourself through the day like a sack of sad puppies, and bounce from one obsession to worry to anxiety to the next, like a deranged pinball machine.

It’s “normal,” these days, to rely on five cups of coffee, antacids, and a handful of depression and anxiety meds. Because even though the side effects suck, you can’t fully function without them.

And it’s “normal,” these days, to feel like someone turned down your dimmer switch: you don’t have the spark or clarity left to do more than work and keep up with errands … and maybe make time for a handful of friends.

I want better for you than “normal.” That’s why I do this unusual, absurdly effective thing.

Your birthright is to feel balanced, energized, and clear. If you’re having any symptom — from anxiety to cramps to a rash — it indicates an imbalance.

And sometimes, we don’t need pharmaceuticals or psych meds. We need real-deal, natural, nutrition-based healing.

Heads up: I am in NO way shaming people who rely on psych meds or other pharmaceuticals. I’m not a hater – I’m a healer. But I also know many people don’t want to rely on pills. If you’re looking for natural, effective solutions to feel drastically better, you’re in the right place. 

Mental Health Nutrition: The stuff I wish every human with a body knew.

Mental Health Nutrition is the art and science of using nutrition and supplements (which I think of as concentrated nutrition) to balance your biochemistry and reduce or eliminate mental health symptoms, including:

  • Anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder
  • Substance abuse, eating disorders, and food cravings
  • Insomnia, fatigue, and sleep disorders
  • Or just generally feeling BLAH.

In short, Mental Health Nutrition helps you stabilize your biochemistry. For some people, this is sufficient to resolve most, if not all of their symptoms. For others, it provides a damn fine foundation for other healing and personal growth work.

This revolutionized my own health & how I work with clients.

When I learned that gut health is actually the foundation for good mental health, it was a mega lightbulb moment. Most people don’t realize what a HUGE impact nutrition and digestion have on our mental health. Plus, many people are utterly kaput in one or more important neurotransmitters. The good news? This stuff is surprisingly simple to treat, once you know how.

It’s simple. And so very effective.

I’ve worked with extremely depressed, suicidal, highly anxious folks — and seen their symptoms disappear after a few sessions.

I’ve worked with chronic drug/alcohol relapsers who, once their biochemistry is balanced, no longer have those cravings and don’t have to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol.

Obviously, your mileage may vary. But after treating nearly 300 people with these methods, I can count on two hands and a foot the number of people who said it did nothing at all for them.

Pretty much everybody with a body can benefit.

I secretly get excited when people have loads of symptoms — it just means you’re about to feel SO much better! But even if your symptoms are more mild, you might be amazed how much better you can feel, think, and sleep with a few simple shifts.

To be clear: this isn’t just about eating more salads.

These mental health nutrition protocols require very specific training. 

How it works

This isn’t an ongoing, see me once every two weeks forever kinda deal. We typically need three to six sessions, and most people are good to go after that.

Step One: Start at the beginning. One size never fits all, so we start by figuring out exactly where you are, so I can make customized recommendations for you. We’ll go over your digestion with a fine-toothed comb, talk through what you’re eating on a typical day, and even more importantly, what you’re absorbing.

Step Two: Heal your gut. I rarely do meal plans or calorie counting. But you will walk away from your first session with a structure to guide how you think about food and meals (emphasizing quality), along with supplement suggestions for digestive support, if needed. Many people start feeling better rapidly, based on these initial interventions alone.

Step Three: Nourish your brain. Next, we look at which neurotransmitters and nutrients you may be depleted in, based on what symptoms you still have. I’ll suggest natural, non-pharmaceutical supplements to replenish your system, so you have the raw materials to feel calm, clear, and balanced.

Step Four: Fine-tune. We’ll see what works, what still needs support, and tweak / adjust / throw party streamers accordingly.

Rigid diets = stress = no bueno

I find the most powerful interventions that’ll give you the best bang for your buck … and just say no to calorie counting and meal plans. {Caveat: some people need them, when certain eating disorders are present, for example. But most people don’t.}

I emphasize intuitive eating: listening to your body so you hear what it likes and needs (and doesn’t). This info takes you way further than sticking to any diet plan.

Plus, I encourage you to stay as flexible as your body allows. Because life is to be enjoyed!

I love this work because people see rapid results.

Most people feel, sleep, and think better in just a few sessions. They’re more clear, happy, and calm. And that’s so rewarding.

But here’s the real juice: when people feel their best, they do their best. They create amazing art. They’re more patient and compassionate. They tear down oppressive regimes and have the mental bandwidth to create a kinder, more enlightened world.

That’s what gets me up in the mornings. 

Email me to schedule your first session.

Are you lit up by this stuff and want to learn more? Check out my online course Supplements and Nutrition for Mental Health.

P.S. This is not about weight loss.

*Ahem* soapbox warning. Our culture is Messed Up about weight.

When people focus on your weight as a problem — that’s part of the problem! I don’t play that game. I know that you can be healthy at any weight — and you can be unhealthy at any weight. So my goal isn’t to help you lose, gain, or maintain weight. I’m here to help you balance your gut health and biochemistry, so you can feel better and take charge of your life.