Pain Reprocessing Therapy

If you are struggling with chronic pain, you may be interested to know that it is sometimes neuroplastic in nature – especially if doctors “can’t find anything wrong”. This means that the brain’s neural pathways have been wired to interpret non-threatening sensation as dangerous, thereby setting off signals for pain. This doesn’t mean “it’s just in your head”. Pain is actually being triggered. But it’s happening because your brain is making an error.

Interestingly, having a genuine structural issue /medical cause doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll experience pain. In fact, many individuals with structural issues are pain-free – just like many individuals with no evident cause experience pain.

Indicators your pain could be neuroplastic in nature:

(you don’t need all of these markers – even one could indicate the presence of neuroplastic pain):

  • Your pain moves around different locations in the body
  • Your pain comes and goes unpredictably
  • Your pain is triggered by very specific actions, but you don’t understand why these actions would cause pain
  • Your pain’s onset was during a stressful time in your life
  • Your personality tends towards anxiety / frustration / hypervigilance

Pain Reprocessing Therapy is an exciting new therapeutic system that involves re-training your brain’s neural pathways, thereby reducing or eliminating pain.

A recent randomized controlled study out of University of Colorado Boulder evidences excellent results for PRT use with chronic pain clients. Among fifty clients with chronic back pain who were treated with PRT, 98% experienced improvement after four weeks, and after one year, 66% remained pain-free or nearly pain-free. Read more about the study here.

I am certified in PRT, and am truly excited to offer it to anyone who feels it might be of benefit. As a functional nutritionist, I can also combine this with sessions addressing natural approaches to reducing inflammation – an area that conventional medicine largely ignores, or “band-aids” with anti-inflammatory medications. 

To explore more about this holistic, integrative approach to chronic pain, please email me to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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