Beverly Castaneda, community organizer and former student

I recommend anyone and everyone who is interested to take Stephanie’s class and I am grateful to have been a student in this course. I have struggled with substance use and PTSD, and in the past, I have had difficulty with focusing, memory, and mental clarity, as well as sugar cravings. In applying the information I have learned, my mind is much more clear, my focus is notably better, and I no longer have issues with forgetfulness. I also have much better sleep, and my sugar cravings are way down. All of these biochemical changes have helped me to be a happier person and to live a more joyful life.

Steven Moore, psychotherapist and former student

In my practice as a therapist, I work with people who experience complex trauma. As effective as therapeutic interventions can be, I notice that certain chronic symptoms can be hard to alleviate. So I took Stephanie’s course. I came out of the class feeling confident about talking to my clients about creating a healthy gut and supporting neurotransmitter production. Stephanie’s presentation is always well-informed and very interactive, and it’s really her passion for the topic that makes every session engaging. I would highly recommend Stephanie’s course and I hope that you take it!

Holly Radice, psychotherapist, former student

I was drawn to Stephanie’s course after struggling with digestive issues, anxiety, and energy ups and downs for years. According to every doctor I saw, I was “healthy”, but I did not feel that way. I started to research the relationship between mental health and nutrition and quickly recognized how much we are not taught about this connection! After making some of my own changes, I was ready to learn more to support my clients. As a mental health therapist, I realized that so much was missing in traditional treatment. Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about education on mental health nutrition. This course is a benefit to anyone in our society and will change your life.

Tate Ulrich RN, PMHNP, former student

I came to Stephanie at a very low time in my life, and through her mental health nutrition work, I have become a convert to this way of life. The knowledge I have gained through her course has forever altered my way of approaching my health as well as the health of the clients I see in my practice! I highly recommend Stephanie’s educational offerings! You can’t go wrong. She is knowledgeable, approachable, and will literally turn your life around!! Thanks for everything, Stephanie!!